Whether you're a small business monitoring locations or an individual looking in on an elderly relative, we can offer a secure web page to viewlive images.


Do you want to webcast live images but don't want to build a web site to display them?

Do you want to display images on a page that's not associated with your present site?

netSCOPE Hosting Services will provide a URL visitors may access or a URL for private viewing.


Do you have business locations you would like to monitor -- but you don't have a web site?

Do you have a web site but want to keep images out of public view?

netSCOPE Hosting Service provides your business with a secured, economical option for discreet image viewing.

Choose from a standard viewing template or our designers will create a custom web page.

Please access Individual Services and Business Services to learn how web camera service may grow revenues and drive viewers to your web site

Note: We are not a still image hosting service associated with any auction site.

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