netSCOPE Services

netSCOPE's suite of services provides webcasters the opportunity to "tune-in" and observe business activities, property, loved-ones and more, any time of the day from any part of the world.

netSCOPE's possibilities are limited only by the imagination.

Business Services
Sporting & Special Events: We offer turn-key solutions to multiple web camera coverage of sporting and special events. You will create revenue and increase web traffic to your site and your clients' sites. It's a win-win proposition.

Small Businesses and Large Corporations: Add interest to your web site by linking it with live images. We have strategies to create revenue from your installation.

Monitor business traffic, signage and security issues. Ensure that quality control and customer service standards are observed. Monitor diverse operations from anywhere in the world.

Childcare Services

netSCOPE provides parents with peace of mind. Parents may monitor their child's daily activities without disrupting their child's day.

Childcare providers receive a better way of keeping parents informed when monitoring broadens the avenues of communication between parents, teachers, children and administrators. Teachers love it because parents learn to appreciate their specials skills.

Schools find this is an inexpensive way to increase enrolment and keep families satisfied. We market monthly ($19.95 ) subscriptions to parents.

Services for Individuals
  Keep an eye on an elderly relatives, property or any asset.

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